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LCHQ is an advanced design guide for professional landscaping.

Take a look around the web site to find what interests you! I’m trying as quickly as I can to create drafts of eBooks, full of information you can use every day in your landscape design work. I’ll come back later and edit and refine them based on your comments and input. I have fantastic photographs of actual project sites that will be added later, too.

The site is categorized into different subdomains, so you can find information on your favorite topic more quickly.

The Roadside Design section is full of time-saving guidance for preparing your proposal for large-scale projects adjacent to public roads. Designing within the rights of way can be intimidating. You have your work reviewed by lots of technical experts, and being sent back often to the drawing board can really slow down momentum for your stakeholders. I reviewed hundreds of roadside landscape proposals each year, and learned so much from the experience! The roadside design articles put all the frequently asked questions, phone calls, and plan review meetings into concise bits of advice you can use right away.

The Stream Mitigation section is all about practicality. You can find articles on ways to simplify and implement realistic restoration projects. This specialty is filled with pseudo experts that can derail success with high hopes and lack of understanding. If you need to heal a relocated stream or storm water basin or tidal marsh with vegetative best management practices, it is often difficult to find down-to-earth ways to design what works. Research into the topic will leave you with confirmation that vegetative restoration is the preferred method to mitigate for construction impacts, but it’s hard to find details on how that is done. The bioengineering ideas and caution tales will keep your project simple and on track.

The Landscapes section is where you will find design tips for planting plans and structural enhancements for both public spaces and your home landscapes. Starting with your very first landscape design, you can read how landscape designs are articulated and evolve through the different stages of growth in connecting outdoor spaces to everyday living. The section includes a lot of nuts-and-bolts information—irrigation, specifications, contract documents, and turf establishment. It’s written for landscape design professionals, but can help homeowners with quality in mind, too. Designing spaces for the public is included, helping you understand the big differences between creating residential and commercial or public projects.

The Trees section helps you design with the most important feature of any landscape plan. You can find out how to design beautiful spaces with trees, and how to work with huge elements that are sixty feet tall and forty feet wide without regretting their placement as they grow to maturity. The information won’t include botanical names and individual plant descriptions as much as it will provide technical know-how on the use of trees in design, how to plant them, and what to do to wow people with lasting legacies.

The Plants section will give you tips on how to choose shrubs like a pro, and how to incorporate shrubs into your landscape plans to build an ornamental, living space. Shrubs are the work horses of a landscape design and provide human scale that creates your experience in the outdoors. Find out how to enclose, define, edge, and carpet with color and textural interest and bold design.

The Flowers section is all about fun with seasonal color. Learn about using annuals and perennials in large-scale landscape projects as well as creating arrangements for interior decorating and entertaining. Using flowers in landscape projects can be a big disappointment, unless you do it the right way. You can find lots of suggestions here.

The Services section explains how you can get direct help with Plan Reviews and Grant Applications. You can also access quality control review comments before submitting your Vendor Bid package for agency procurement competitions.   

The Resources section includes product recommendations that can help your project move forward successfully.

So, take a look around, and come back often to check for new articles and products. Your comments and suggestions will be a big help in keeping the site constantly improving!

The site is for Design Professionals and Consultants, Environmental Mitigation Specialists, Landscape Grant and Permit Applicants, and Homeowners with Quality in Mind. Enjoy!

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