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The Advanced Guide to Trees; Choose Trees like a Professional

The Advanced Guide to Trees provides guidance for design professionals and landscape professionals interested in optimizing the use of trees in the landscape. Years of design experience and thousands of large-scale landscape projects are distilled into the essential items you need to know to choose the right tree for the right place. The book avoids a lot of technical jargon. Instead, you can read common-sense trade secrets that most designers learn oby trial and error over years in the landscape industry.

The Advanced Guide to Trees: Choose Trees like a Pro is the first in the Advanced Guide Series. We would love to hear from you with comments and suggestions. The second, sneak-peek edition has over 5 MB (it may take some time to download, depending on your Internet connection). There are over 90 pages of practical tips for professional landscape designers and homeowners with quality in mind. The information is non-technical, to get you out and planting right away.

You may be working on a time-sensitive project where trees are integral to its success. If you are unfamiliar with tree planting, this book will push you to expert level quickly, so you can start stamping those tree circles on your plans with confidence. If you are a starting a new home landscape, this book will help you choose the best trees to fit your unique situation and will aid you in evaluating design proposals like a pro.

We welcome your comments. Feel free to contact us directly. Happy Tree Planting!

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The Advanced Guide to Trees