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How to Make a Showplace Landscape

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LCHQ is an advanced design guide for professional landscaping.

I hope you say, “Thanks for not wasting my time!” after reading each article on the Landscape Consultants HQ site. They are free of educational lecturing and theory and strong on pragmatic, real-life, landscape design experience. If you love the concise commentary, , you can read more in our Advanced Guide eBook series. They offer professional landscape design experience for professional designers, engineers, landscape architects, and their clients.

The Advance Guide to Landscape Consultants HQ series

Learning what it takes to design a showplace garden can be time-consuming. Novice landscape architects and inexperienced contractors make lots of mistakes before figuring out the do’s and don’ts of professional landscape design. Typically, designers must draw plans, install the plants, and wait several growing seasons to evaluate the results. Our experience reviewing hundreds of landscape proposals submitted for agency permitting gives you the assurance of getting sound advice for creating an exceptional landscape and a standout, competitive design proposal. Avoiding the trial-and-error approach to landscape design saves you time.

Reading Landscape Consultants HQ will take your professional landscape design projects from concept to exciting, aesthetic results. Short articles guide you toward designs with maximum visual impact and minimum long-term maintenance. Chances are you will easily save good money and time with every article, but more importantly, you will grow from a bread-and-butter designer to a talked-about, professional, landscape design star.

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Seven Major Roadside Design Checks

Design Checklist

LCHQ is an advanced design guide for professional landscaping.

Every time you create a roadside landscape design, you need to do a quick check of a few things before starting. It’s surprising how nicely this pulls together your concept and moves you toward a great design! By checking these items initially, you can map out the basic configuration of use zones, which develops the structural framework from which your design can be based. Sometimes, after doing this, a shape calls out to you. Block out zones for setbacks, vertical clearance, overly steep slopes, clear sight lines, sign visibility, guard rails, and utility easements to keep your landscape design free of safety conflicts. Consider the following items your first priority.

• Setbacks and the Clear Zone

Keep any tree you propose on public rights of way well beyond the required safety clear zone to avoid creating a fixed object that might be hit by an errant driver that runs off the road. This gives the driver an opportunity to recover and get back on the road without injury or damage to the vehicle.

• Tree Canopy Clearance

Leave an adequate vertical space open along the road travel way to avoid overhanging branches from slapping against panel trucks driving near the edge of the road.

• Slope Steepness

Plant material can barely establish on slopes steeper than 3:1, and mowing on steeper slopes is not possible to do safely. The clear zone doesn’t exist for slopes steeper than this.

• Sight Lines

Drivers need to be able to see oncoming traffic when they attempt to turn into or cross over public roadways. It is the designer’s responsibility to keep sight lines open.

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LCHQ is an advanced design guide for professional landscaping.

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