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Trendy Landscape Design

trends in landscape designLCHQ is an advanced design guide for professional landscaping.

Trends in the landscape industry focus on single issues—pollinators, roof gardens, vertical green space, climate resiliency, or the exhausted term, sustainability. Addressing these issues can harmonize well with a steady focus on landscape beauty, if done right. Placing too much attention on the latest trendy issue can take focus away from creating a beautiful, successful landscape design.

Lasting landscape design is about beautiful outdoor spaces. A sophisticated landscape plan incorporates components that fit responsibly with the natural environment. A sensitive design works efficiently with the drainage and water basins in which it exists. A self-sufficient design anticipates maintenance needs and minimize them. A beautiful design mixes plants with contrasting colors and textures, providing diversity. A successful design is installed well and is skillfully maintained to make it stay healthy and last. A beautiful outdoor space provides a legacy of enrichment to the people who use it without forgetting stewardship.

Landscape Designers are Keepers of Natural Beauty